Georgia Historical Map

The R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation promotes genealogical research in Georgia by providing grants to individuals and organizations to defray the cost of publishing approved projects (print and digital). Projects should be designed to make available by way of abstracting, transcribing, extracting, or scanning records of a genealogical nature that concerns Georgians, who resided in the State prior to 1851.

This does not mean the record itself must predate 1851, only that a significant number of individuals in the records lived in Georgia prior to that time. The Foundation will fund projects that include records through 1920, but it may consider funding projects that are later than this date if it enables the researcher to include an intact set of records. The value of having a single reference on a particular subject takes precedence over a specific cut-off year.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the R. J. Taylor, Jr. Foundation Trust is to promote genealogical research and study in Georgia in conjunction with the Georgia Genealogical Society and the Georgia Archives.

The Foundation provides grants to individuals and organizations to defray publishing costs of genealogically significant Georgia records from public and private sources. The primary emphasis is on preserving and making available to the public genealogical data concerning those who lived in Georgia prior to 1851.